Your next vacation

Almaz Aliev
1 min readJul 13, 2022

People have been working hard. They deserve a good vacation.

But vacations are often associated with different kinds of wastes. And some people even don’t feel like taking vacation at all because of that.

What if by taking a vacation you contribute even more to your well-being, to that of the planet and the community at the same time?

I am proposing to you a new type of vacation where everything you do will decrease the number of unhappy people in the world while increasing the quantity of carbon stored in forests and wetlands.

We will design your best vacation by taking into account your wishes and the interests of local people and the environment. It will be designed in such a way that everyone participating in this will be happy, rested, full of energy and motivation to start their next journey.

This is going to be your best vacation where you make good changes happen even when you do nothing.

Book now your next best vacation and your mind and body, the planet and humanity, all will thank you that you took that vacation!

Climate change is associated with bad and dark things happening around the world. It is better to approach complex systemic problems with multitude of bright and simple solutions.