What to expect from Nature

I’ve been writing that Nature probably has mechanisms to control the weather. According to Gaia theory the life-forms have coevolved with the environment to bring the best conditions for life. One of the possible mechanisms identified which should be tested asap is: migration of ungulates brings precipitation to that migration area in three week.

Recently, I stumbled upon the fascinating work on cycles in human history by Ray Dalio. Those cycles could be correlated with the ones of Sun activity. It has been noticed by many that cycles of peace and war, appearances of viruses etc. correlated with Sun spots. Since humans are the most active species in changing the environment, most probably Nature has mechanisms to control human behaviour too.

It is a work in progress, but I strongly believe that Nature looks for every possibility to deal with climate change, including initiation of wars. It doesn’t give a damn about us, the priority for it is to establish the right condition by any means. By the way, Plutarch was right when he said “great battles bring rainfall”. We saw this happening with the conflict of Russia and Ukraine.

My hope is to help Nature to deal with climate change, by initiating large-scale ungulate movements everywhere needed. As the result, I expect the Sun activity to go down as it did during the Maunder Minimum when the Little Ice Age happened because of 30–60 mln bison movement in North America as well as other ungulate movements because of wars in Eurasia. This time we need to do carefully (moderately). We need to listen to Nature’s feedback as it can give us hints when to cease ungulate movements because it doesn’t like when it gets too wet and too cold for too long.

The time when Sun activity went down also coincides with the Renaissance, which is good news.



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Almaz Aliev

Almaz Aliev

I am an amateur of science and technology. Looking for ways to be a professional in these fields … https://almaz-aliev.medium.com/about