Afro-Asian Gardens

How to save humanity and the Earth

Afro-Asian Gardens

There are two pressing problems which could be solved with collective effort: climate change and the “lost human” problem. Here is the attempt to find a solution to these problems.

Climate change is addressed below, but first, let’s discuss the lost human problem.

What do I mean by the lost human problem? Wars, climate change consequences, poverty removes dignity from the people. They look for better opportunities but many stay helpless where they are. So, I define a lost human as any person who lost his hope or hoping for a better future because of homelessness, joblessness and immigration.

All people want a home, a shelter, any safe place they can call home. For nomads it can be a tent, yourte, a mobile home. Usually people look for abundance in water and food. But humans have another big need — a job.

What a person does as a job defines his well being. People find happiness in meaningful work. Alas, more and more people find themselves jobless in these challenging times. There are many reasons why people lost what they had but those people need a second chance.

The lost people need not only a job but also a family, because we are social creatures. We need a group of closest people we can trust. Whatever we do, we do it best when we do it in a community and for a community.

A group of people is a powerful changemaking agent. Depending on its structure and values it can be a destructive mob or a creative union with a collective intelligence. The latter is more difficult to achieve but once it is created it can do wonders.

The Earth is our home, we need to protect it. There might be enough jobs for everyone who would like to solve the difficult problem of climate change. It seems the latter is reversible with the help of Nature, because of its potential mechanism which might have evolved to deal with climate change in the past.

There is a need for an ecological service on the level of countries. It should be a regular service like an Army, with strong discipline and sense of family, brotherhood. The ecological service would consist of cavalry because it was shown that ungulates turn deserts into lush green grasslands and forests. Moreover, it looks like it also can bring fresh water in the form of precipitation in drought prone places and even decrease the local temperature (maybe also global temperature if it is done in global scale).

Here is a concrete plan. A group of dedicated people and resources are needed to devise and build an Ecological Army with strong structure and values to train people to save the planet from climate change. These eco-cavalries could turn deserts into grasslands and forests, by simulating the natural migration of ungulates.

Pan-American Gardens

It is important to have a vision to unify people around the problem and solution. So, what do you call this operation? Afro-Asian and Pan-American Gardens?



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