Today is the World Water Day

Let’s celebrate it meaningfully

As promised, here is a video about the World Water Day

The script is here:

There is a big party today. We are going to celebrate the most precious resource in the world.

But you are not invited yet.

Hey My name is Almaz. I am a researcher.

Today, the 22nd of March is world water day. We know the importance of water, right?.

To celebrate this day, I am going to initiate a kickstarter project to revive all the drying lakes in the world with a new method to bring fresh water. It is relatively easy. No need to build expensive water desalination plants.

It turns out, there is a button to trigger precipitation. Yes that’s right, you push the button and you will get precipitation in exactly three weeks. Nature has a mechanism evolved to bring rain wherever you need. Actually, people knew about it, Plutarch said great battles bring rainfall. We saw it happening with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Luckily we don’t need wars to cause precipitation. It turns out animal migration brings rainfall. How come that we didn’t know about it? I thought that this knowledge was forgotten, but ancient people were smart and they conveyed the message through ancient scripts. Just imagine how important this message is. If you knew this method and wanted to pass it through generations how would you pass it? I think this message is encrypted in the religious script, in the story of Noah. When floods happen in the story, it happened when animals came to him. And it turns out it is true. Every flood caused by heavy precipitation was triggered by large-scale animal movement that happened three weeks prior to the flood. Don’t believe me? Go and check it yourself!

You can also check the articles I have written in medium, it has references.

I generously shared this forgotten knowledge on how to get rid of water problems: floods and droughts.

Now let’s get to action, let’s use this knowledge and revive lakes which are dried up.

Now it’s your turn, what will you choose? Will you continue to be a victim of the situation or will you join the party, this campaign to revive drying lakes and the communities around it?

Please contribute to this good cause



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