The story of Noah

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Jordan Peterson often talks about the symbolic meaning in the ancient scripts. I would like to draw your attention to the part of the story of Noah where it tells about animals and flood. It looks like ancient people passed us a real message on how to avoid floods.

It looks like, large-scale movement of ungulates causes heavy precipitation in exactly three weeks. Please have a look at the chart of Annual rainfall anomaly in Australia below.

Annual rainfall anomaly in Australia

Australia experiences seemingly random dry years and wet years. But it turns out there is a correlation between major culling campaigns of ungulates (hoofed animal, like horses, camels etc) and wet years. That is, flash floods happened when large-scale movement of ungulates took place because of culling programs, whereas dry years were observed when there was no large-scale movement of these animals.

It looks like you can find a trigger (large-scale movement of ungulates) for every flash flood happened in three weeks.

It looks like this is a mechanism of Nature evolved to bring the best conditions for life to thrive. It could be a direct manifestation of accepted Gaia theory. It make sense why natural migration of wieldebeest in Africa happen first, and then we see monsoons there. It also explains the observation of Plutarch who said ca. two millenia ago: “it is observed indeed that extraordinary rains generally fall after great battles”. Rainfall happened because of cavalry movement. In modern times, large-scale wars disturb wild life which could bring heavy precipitation as well.

For the moment, there is no rigorous statistics on this, but I am looking for ways to disprove it. Any help would be appreciated. It looks like I need more than “Good luck” on this mission.



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