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Probability of events leading there.

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Thank you to the universe for every possibility that I am seeing and taking to spread the message to the concerned people.

I have been writing all the things that I see that might be true. Scientist in me was relentlessly giving hypotheses to check. The experimentalist part of me was trying to seek easy ways to verify it, but the narrative in my head is that I don’t have means to verify it. So, my goal is to convince the people with resources to test this rainmaking art.

If you read what I have been writing about possible origins of droughts, floods and cold winters and find it useful then I am happy.

I will be even more happy if you will use the information and I will pray to the universe to take care of you, because you are the rarest person. It would be my nightmare to find myself in one of the parallel universes where people didn’t pay attention to this ridiculous idea of weather control (story of Noah?). And don’t forget to call me so we can work together.

Again, thank you, universe, I did my part. Now, please help people to do their part.

PS. I don’t know what else I can write about the hypothesis, all the necessary information is here. I see other things that could be true if this rainmaking theory is true. But they should be discussed openly only afterwards, because it is too woo woo to write it here for the moment. If there are interested people out there I may write elsewhere to discuss it.



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Almaz Aliev

Almaz Aliev

I am an amateur of science and technology. Looking for ways to be a professional in these fields … https://almaz-aliev.medium.com/about