Luckily we don't need soldiers, we need no more than 1000 horse riders for the experiment. If you would have read a bit more attentively you would have found the following text in the proposal:

"What would it look like to conduct a rainmaking experiment as a proof?

4) To have unambiguous results, an experiment must take place in one of the driest places on Earth, for example, in Morocco (Sahara Desert) or in Mongolia or China (Gobi Desert).

5) To avoid floods, no more than 1000 horse/camel riders need to move for 3–7 days to cover as much land as possible. From the observations of horse culling programs by the Bureau of Land Management, heavy precipitation occurs when the number of ungulates exceeds 2000.¹⁵

6) To reveal the mechanism behind the phenomenon, great interdisciplinary team of scientists must collect relevant data constantly for at least one month."

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