Lake Amora

Let’s bring it back.

One of the famous drying bodies of water in the list of drying lakes is Dead Sea. Lake Amora/Lisan was a prehistoric lake prior to becoming the Dead Sea. It is interesting to consider it here because there is an active international effort in dealing with the water problem in this region of fragile peace.

As big problems require drastic measures, a controversial solution with the price tag of $10 bln has been accepted and initiated recently to solve the problem of drying Dead Sea. Like many large-scale technological solutions in our history, this one might bring unexpected regretful consequences.

If we are open to considering controversial solutions, there is a much benign and cheaper way of bringing fresh water. It is observed that every large-scale migration of ungulates bring precipitation in three weeks. It is an overlooked mechanism of Nature evolved to bring the best conditions for life to thrive. This natural solution could not only bring fresh water but also would turn Arabian peninsula to a lush green region as it is used to be a while ago.

When you see flash floods happening, you see differently the mighty forces of Nature. This is a serious solution which has to be implemented with extreme care.

Let’s talk about it.



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