Almaz Aliev
1 min readJul 17, 2022

We have cornered ourselves into this situation with climate change. With its double standards, the game was designed to make us lose, intentionally or unintentionally, who knows?

Some of us have already lost, and some are going to lose, or maybe not. Somebody is choosing contempt, blame and arrogance towards others, somebody is choosing goodwill, respect and dignity despite circumstances.

People at the bottom have many choices. Because when we are at the bottom, we have nothing to lose, only to gain. Some of us choose destruction, others to be victims, and the third a work and growth.

People at the top, on the other hand, see things very differently. It is justified with their hard earned place. They have a lot to lose, so they are doing everything not to make it happen. But probably not nearly everything. There are omitting things which could be good for them and for others at the same time.

A teacher told us to develop a goodseeker inside us. It is not easy, because the default mode of survival wants us to look at the negative. And sometimes we obtain what we seek.

Future leaders who are learning to be good seekers are likely to find a good situation to be in for everyone involved. The question is how the present leaders are going to behave? Evidence so far indicates that they prefer not to be open to any suggestion.