Operation “Resuscitation of Lake Manly”

Almaz Aliev
3 min readFeb 18, 2022


Death Valley used to be a lake a long time ago. Scientists refer to it, Lake Manly. The ghost of the lake appears when rare floods occur, but evaporates as soon as it appears, reminding us that it was once a different place. Can we contemplate this lake with its landscape a little longer?

There seems to be a possibility to trigger precipitation using a mechanism of Nature which might have evolved to bring precipitation and the right temperature where it is needed.

A recent theory about the weather processes states that rain and wind are “controlled” by forests. It also states that if there are no forests there won’t be rain. The mainstream science started to accept this theory. However, the theory fails to explain why heavy rainfall/floods happen in places like deserts.

According to another accepted theory*: “living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.” Is it saying that life forms may found out ways to control the local weather to make the place sufficiently livable for them?

Many prominent people in our history observed that major battles bring rainfall. Around two millennia ago, Plutarch said: “it is observed indeed that extraordinary rains generally fall after great battles”. Since then, there have been many people observing the same phenomenon. But those people were harshly criticised by the scientists at the time.

In modern times, we observe anomalous heavy precipitation/floods in places like deserts leading to beautiful phenomenon “desert bloom”. But precipitation in these cases didn’t follow battles, but another similar event.

What is the common thing between the wars? It looks like cavalry charges and other Large-Scale Movement of Ungulates (LSMU), that is, herbivores with hooves, seem to lead to precipitation in a given area.

We don’t know why it happens, but it seems there is a pattern in all the anomalous floods in our history. It seems droughts and desertification happen in the areas where there is no LSMU. Whereas, too much of LSMU seem to lead to floods.

To test the hypothesis, we could simulate the natural migration of ungulates to try to bring rainfall hopefully to dry places, such as Death Valley, or another ghost lake for example, Lake Owens. (what’s left of Lake Owens screams with its pollution).

Not more than 1000 horses controlled by horseriders moving like during cavalry charges or natural migration during one week would bring rainfall in three week. There are good statistics that rainfall and excelent lush green pasture are due to horse movements, however authors of that study misattribute it to depopulation because of wars forgeting the fact that few people lived at the time (zero if not negative carbon footprint.).

Before 234 mln years ago, the land surface on Earth was dry and red just like on Mars. Plants grew only near the shores. Then, something happened and it rained for two million years (not continuously) farther into the interior of land (Carnian Pluvial Period). Why it rained there?

Fungi and animals among other archeological fossils are found there. Hypothesis goes that those life-forms trigger rainfall which is obeserved nowadays no matter where is the location of the large scale movement of ungulate. It explains the exact delay of 21 days which correponds to mycelium inoculation time.

It looks like from this point on, life forms have exploded with diversity and it seems the ungulate who where the best in terms of microbiome carriers may evolved preferably.

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*the Gaia theory. I thought it is a new age-y thing, but it turns out it is a serious theory, founded by a great inventor James Lovelock. He will have his 103 this summer. Let’s tell him about the confirmation of his theory!

**fungi may meddle with Geobakter electric circuit. We don’t know what is going on exactly but it doesn’t matter for the moment. The main point we can reproduce the rainmaking process.

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