Doing all you can, brother/sister?

Almaz Aliev
3 min readJan 6, 2022

Back your future

Artwork : David Revoy. ©Wikimedia

A brutal and unforgiving enemy is lurking right around the corner. Many experts say it is too late to do anything about it. Climate change is an extremely complex subject and there is no easy solution to fix it. You have seen the consequences of it in the news or perhaps you experienced it firsthand: drought, fire, migration, famine, flood, sea level rise and so on. The Dragon is unleashed and devouring our civilization.

Deep down in your heart you know that you must go to the war when your community is in danger. Your community needs you to go and slay the dragon. But where to go to be drafted? Where is the front-line?

People are working on it, but the problem is that it is difficult to get rid of the primary cause of climate change — CO2. With the current technologies so far, it looks like, we can only remove only some drops of the ocean of CO2 that we are emitting daily. It will take several millennia to get rid of all the CO2 that we have been putting in the atmosphere.

While it is necessary to get rid of CO2, it turns out, floods and droughts — the consequences of climate change could be addressed directly. The history of our actions and Nature’s response to these actions, give some hints about the possibility to control floods and droughts. I am hopeful that this opportunity will help us to save the planet from the consequences of climate change, and you can participate in it.

Based on historical records, I have derived the following empirical rules:

- rainfall occurs in three weeks after a large-scale movement of ungulates (hoofed animals), the quantity of precipitation being proportional to the quantity of the animals.

- the opposite is also true: when no ungulate movement no rain occurs.

- cold weather is observed after prolonged large-scale movements of ungulates despite a high concentration of CO2.

This overlooked mechanism is apparently evolved by Nature against climate change in the past. Nobody knows how it works exactly but it works as a swiss watch.

For every flood and drought event you can trace corresponding ungulate movement events or the absence thereof. Details are given in articles here and here. It looks like these phenomena are a direct manifestation of the Gaia theory developed by James Lovelock (see a letter).

Interdisciplinary research must be done to find out the exact mechanism. While the research will take a long time, we can already use this quirk of Nature to stop droughts and floods and have the global temperature decreased despite high concentration of CO2.

While everyone can participate on this mission, I would like to address especially to American brothers and sisters, because you have been the nation open to innovation. Do you want to try this new method to revive the Colorado river and refill the Lake Mead and/or other lakes? Let’s try it so we can show what is possible.

How can you help personally with this mission?

- The smallest thing you can do is to share this article with your community, so people know that floods and droughts are avoidable

- You can send us email if you want to have rain or snow in your region (

- You can subscribe to the newsletter to get news about the mission (

- You can help us to organize ungulate festivals or/and eco-cavalries in your region if it is under drought conditions (

- You can participate in the research. I don’t have funding, but I am looking for opportunities to apply for. So, if you know how to write a good proposal you are welcome to send me an email ( so we can apply for funding together.

- You can help to raise funding to save horses and camels from culling off in USA and Australia and transport them to the places where they will be helpful in turning deserts into grasslands (