Clarification of the situation is needed.

Almaz Aliev
1 min readJul 21, 2022

We agree that there is too much carbon in the atmosphere and it must be removed. However, it is unclear what the rights and responsibilities are, as well as who will pay for the identified solutions.

The climate change situation is not improving at all because of the practice of deception established by some American companies since the beginning of the scandal. It cost us trust, time and unexpected expenses.

Then the war is making things worse…

Leaders have their own agenda. We follow them as long as our interests coincide with theirs.

What we want is simple, we want to be satisfied by doing meaningful work, and get paid for it.

What we want from our leaders is simple, we want them to be honest with us so we don’t find ourselves in embarassing and uncomfortable situations down the road.

Let’s clarify the situation, so we can show up and do the work.