Activating controllable impulses to advance in the right direction

I have to admit that writing something everyday in the morning has become a useful part of my routine. It helps to put out what is in the mind. Since this is the first thing I do in the morning, I think it also comes from the subconscious.

Before, I thought I was doing too much blabla instead of real actions. But now I think this self expression routine is some form of action that changes the day for the better. It may lead to real actions someday in the future. Would be a pity not to continue it.

Other lessons (re)learned:

  • We are connected
  • Our actions have huge repercussions
  • Karma is real
  • Make sure that what you do is safe for others to do their work.
  • Collective subconscious is real.
  • Don’t give promises unless you’ve thought about it thoroughly, otherwise please do it without justification
  • Be patient
  • Hope for better
  • Project good expectations
  • Believe that there are many people out there trying to do their best to contribute to wellbeing of humanity
  • Expect nothing in return

PS. waiting for instructions from Universe



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