I am an amateur of science and technology. I have been looking for ways to be a professional in these fields. But I ended up in customer service in IT to feed myself and my family. Something in me wants to be hopeful that I will eventually realise my dreams.

I have been writing wild proposals but never realised what I intended to do mostly because of lack of resources. I’ve been wrong about many ideas in the past, but I found out that by constantly working on an idea you may obtain something else. For example, I wrote a proposal about an energy storage idea in 2016, which was wrong in terms of design of molecules from an organic chemistry perspective. But I ended up finding a cool way of energy storage in natural compounds like vitamin B12 and graphene. I didn’t continue to work on this because someone I asked for feedback told me that it is a good idea but preferred to work on this without me. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens.

Nowadays, I am obsessed about some ideas which are not plausible at first glance. For example, after reviewing respective articles, I have a feeling that the Sun's activity and life on Earth have a two-way relationship. There is a probability that we would experience the minimum of Solar activity soon, like during Maunder minimum. But reality doesn't care what we think or feel, it does what it does. I would like to collect and analyse data, to disprove the relationship in a scientific rigorous way. It may take from 22 years (one solar cycle) to 70 years (duration of Maunder minimum).

Also, I am fascinated by non-standard architecture. I would like to work on a modular structure that I designed for the possibility of building something limitlessly high. ----------------------------

Disclaimer. I am an independent researcher, therefore I’m not paid for anything I research or write about. I do my research to increase the probability of having a better future for all of us. If you would like to thank me for what I do, please consider supporting my research on or .


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Almaz Aliev

I am an amateur of science and technology. Looking for ways to be a professional in these fields …