A life changing mission

Almaz Aliev
1 min readJul 15, 2022

There is nothing new in the world because history repeats itself. But for us, it is different every time because we give a personal meaning to the events we experience.

Humans always want to be a part of something big, important and meaningful. We are especially happy when we have been working since the beginning of the project we chose. Because, we can proudly say “we worked on this right from the start”.

And we are thankful for trust, for lessons, for growth that such opportunities provide us.

We don’t forget the feelings we have had when we interact with people. And we will remember forever when our work is recognized.

Of course, life hasn’t been/won’t be nice and easy. Some people lend a hand to help you when you try to climb up and some don’t. But it’s OK unless they push you down ;)

Most of the time we can’t do anything to external forces, we can just anticipate and adjust. But concentrating on the value we provide for the community, we can experience a meaningful life.