A letter to Seth Godin and The Carbon Almanac Network

  • Plutarch and other historians said they observed rainfall after major battles.
  • Eroded soil of the Yellowstone National Park was revived after reintroduction of natural ungulate chasers — wolves.
  • Flash floods and super bloom phenomena in deserts happen after ungulate removal campaigns.
  • Interior of the continents was dry and red like on the surface of Mars before the arrival of animals in these places.
  • Monsoon patterns everywhere change according to natural migration of ungulates in these places.
  • We observe irregular weather phenomena, like cold winters in unexpected places etc.
  • Chiliarch — a leader, responsible for all the units, commands 999 cavaliers.
  • Centurion — responsible for 9 units commands 99 cavaliers.
  • Foreman — responsible for a unit of 9 cavaliers. Foreman should be a mentor for the cavaliers.
  • Cavalier — a main person who does the actual work. He/she can work on himself/herself to become whoever he/she wants to be.



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Almaz Aliev

Almaz Aliev

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