For every action there is an equal action but in the opposite direction. Not only physical action, but psychological also.

You push, I push.

You pull, I pull.

Some people are able to divert the energy of any action they receive wherever they want.



According to French news reporters, one of the causes of the wildfire in the forests of Southeast of France is that they are not properly maintained. They say, there were too many easily inflammable plants like dry grass, shrubs and bushes.

The best solution would be caprines, i.e. goats. They can voraciously eat those plants that are difficult to get rid of by other means. And we know that it brings the right conditions for local life to thrive as well.

Solutions are there, but without investment they are useless.

How it can be done? What needs to be done to make it happen?



There is a saying, if you want to do something you look for means.

If you don’t want to, you look for excuses.

But sometimes the conditions are such that means are just not there.

It happens when we live at someone’s place or/and far away.

Any relationships continue to work when it is close and reciprocal.

Bad relationships work because people keep doing bad things to each other even from a distance.

Good relationships work when help comes at the right time.



Before, I had some respect, then, rejection came, and after, I lost everything.

At the moment, the only thing I have is ideas.

Their worth will be valued by history.

There are books out there which refuse what I discovered.

We cannot reject what we think is true just to…