100,000-year problem

This article is about another puzzle in science which might be explained by the hypothesis that life-forms might have coevolved with the environment to actively control the weather to bring suitable conditions for life.

The puzzle is called the Mid-Pleistocene Transition (MPT), which is an unexplained transition of Earth’s glacial cycles from 41 000 years to 100 000 years that happened around 1 mln years ago. It is also called the 100,000-year problem.

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The glacial cycles of 41,000-year periodicity are very well explained by the Milankovic cycles of Sun-Earth eternal dance in Space. But, the Milankovic cycles doesn’t give a clue why glacial cycles become longer, high amplitudinal and asymmetric. The dynamics of the dance wasn’t changed whereas the Earth glacial cycles were affected dramatically. Various explanations are given but there is no satisfactory answer yet.

There are many things invisible to us out there. The hypothesis that large-scale movement of ungulates brings precipitation in three weeks wasn’t visible until the consideration of wars and ungulate culling programs together with subsequent precipitation and temperature drop. It seems a strange proposition but it could be a plausible hypothesis if we take into account the accepted Gaia theory and another accepted theory that winds and rain are controlled by forests.

It looks like we are selected by Nature as the apex predator because we have been eliminating other predators. But regardless of our arrogance, we also can be under control of Nature. Our worst side is awakened when Nature needs a change during droughts. For example, Roman emperors assassinations are correlated with droughts. Genghis Khan conquest started during droughts. The French Revolution started after drought etc.

Droughts and our behaviour during this time period makes sense, but are there any invisible forces making us act to start wars? Are we hacked by some life form here? We don’t know, but there are historic records of people getting mad because of ergot poisoning. Are there less apparent control of us by Nature? Who knows what we are not seeing yet.

Anyways, it is clear that we have been actively influencing Nature by our large-scale cooperation like creating countries with boundaries, making wars etc.

The transition to a 100 000-year cycle coincides with the arrival of human-like species. The transition could be explained by our indirect influence on the weather by controlling the large-scale movement of ungulates in different ways than other predators.

It is time to stop playing with Nature. It is time to help Nature to deal with climate change by using its mechanism which might have evolved for this purpose.

Nature always wins, but civilization can collapse. Let’s act now, please spread the word.



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