Возможно ли это?

Этот эксперимент — ответ на Загадку Плутарха. Плутарх (45–120) сказал, что «действительно наблюдается, что после великих битв обычно выпадают дожди».

Почему после сражений идет дождь? Причина не в битвах, а в массовом движении животных, как и миграция копытных в Природе. …

Can we build something that can reach Space?


There is no shortage of various mindblowing space and Earth megaprojects in Wikipedia which will most probably be never realized. The problems of any megastructures are their mega-size and mega-costs.

Megastructures should not be monolith-like otherwise those large scale object will be never-ending construction sites. Modular structure approach, on the…

An overlooked natural mechanism to make it rain in 21 days.


Geoengineering, its supporters believe, is the last option to reduce the global warming impact. It is supposed to work by shielding the planet from solar radiation. However, it has number of drawbacks including the high cost and unpredictability. Thick rain bearing clouds, on the other hand, could be a benign…

Almaz Aliev

A lifetime student, an amateur historian, an independent investigator/researcher

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